This was my first Nuttbush competition to go to so I didnt know what to expect. I turned on the street and parked my van in front of a house across the street from Eric's house. There were already about 6 cars there and more to come. I walked down the drive way towards the 6ft. box jump and the rest of the cource. When i got there practice had already started and it looked like it was gonna be good. I pulled out my camera to get some pictures. When I took a break i noticed alot more people than before. There must have been 75 people there from all over. They all came out to watch another infamous NUTTBUSH COMPETITION!

Curtis with a really high, really streached super-man

Marcus spins fast! 540 on the 8'quarter pipe.

for more pictures check out the nuttbush section on the Dirty Bikes page

The competitions always start with a height jump competion. This times winner: Mark Traverna Height: 9 1/2 feet! Street course was the other event. STREET winner: Marcus Tricks: 540, huge airs, 360, transfers,... second and third went to John Tines and Curtis Tremble highlights: John- big Judge, 360, ally-oop transfers Curtis- big supermans, big no footed can cans, no footed fakies

Your winner, MARCUS!!!