I really, really, really despise MTV. I recieved press passes so i could get footage for a report i did for a local news station. Mtv decided that we were live-stock and they were the butcher. First they put you in pens, that are in the worst spots on the course, raised 6in. above the crowd and surrounded by rails. Then they get mad if you do anything outside of your special area. For example, Mtv staff yelled at us for being on top of the Arnett(tm) bus. I know what you are thinkin, you shouldnt have been on top of a bus. Well, Peter King, a host for Mtv, invited us up there. We werent the only ones up there, we were in the company of Brian Foster, Jay Miron, and about 4 other pros. Did they get yelled at? I doubt it, but i think Mtv just didnt want us to get the good shot of the street course. I HATE those stupid JERKS!

people care about this crap


Dirt: Dirt was setup like the x-games only bigger. The only problem was the wind blowing directly at the faces of the riders. The wind really messed up some riders so much that they couldnt make it through the section. Shawn Butler won the contest with 360 variations, Indian airs, barspins, supermans, ect. BIKE STREET: Original set-up. The street course went down hill, but had more ramps than the street set up last year. You cant really explain the set-up so you should watch it on tv. Taj won the competition with tailwhips, wallrides, gaps, ect. Not too bad for someone who had just ruptured his spleen. Jimmy Levan did the craziest gap i have ever seen. He laucned off a 4ft. ramp and cleared a semi-truck trailer, a 4ft. gap and 3/4 of the other trailer. Now that is just nuts! BIKE VERT: I left before the comp started. I dont know (or care) who won. But i can say that practice was entertaining with big 540s and high airs. FROOTBOOT STREET: Tha Japaneese kid won, that is all I know FROOTBOOT VERT: What is the point? Who cares? SKATEBOARD STREET: I left before this event but, in practice Jeff Rowley looked to be doing well and so did Chris Senn. SKATEBOARD VERT: I dont know anything, I swear. MOTOCROSS: I didnt know it was an "extreme" sport. I heard one guy landed on a Mtv camera man so it must have been good!


MONSTER MAGNET: Started it off. They suck bad! ROB ZOMBIE: What a freak. He looked like he was dead or something. All the whitetrash crackers seemed to like him. THREE 6 MAFIA: Memphis gangsta rap allstars. I didnt see them but im sure they were good. A TRIBE CALLED QUEST: Hip-Hop legends! This may have been their last show ever! They were great from what i could tell. I was listening to them instead of the jerks from Mtv who were yelling at me. BIG BAD VOODOO DADDY: Swing music is extreme? I didnt get to see them because I didnt want to go in the rain. Oh well.

I saw some girls boobs during Rob Zombie!